testimonal“It has truly been a pleasure being on Ronnessa’s team. I’ve had my share of direct sales businesses & haven’t experienced the amount of support, training, & personal motivation from previous up lines as I have from Ronnessa’s leadership. She genuinely cares about her team & wants to see all of us succeed. Thank you Ronnessa for all that you do for us; it’s very much appreciated!!!”  Shelly King


“I joined the millionaires academy with Ronne in May 2016 wanting a change in my life, but truly unsure how to make that happen. In just 2 short months, Ronne has made an impact my life in ways I never imagined! She has a passion for changing lives and helping women find their purpose, and it shows in everything that she does. She has completely transformed my outlook on entrepreneurship and business through extensive training sessions, guidance, and support. I thank Ronne for pushing me to be better everyday, and unleashing a fire within me that I didn’t know that I had!”  Gerri Phillips

“Ronne is awesome. She talks the talk but also walks the walk. She is the reason why I said yes and decided to be apart of a winning team that rocks. This group is full of inspiring and amazing individuals who want to succeed.”  —  Tracy Hogan

“Hello, joining Ronnie’s team has been a great experience. I joined the business not knowing anything about network marketing. I saw this as an opportunity to help others, use the products and to earn additional income. I receive all of the tools and tips that I need to be successful. I will be celebrating my one year anniversary soon, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me! Ronnie is the best mentor that anyone can ask for.”  Tiyease Jones

“When I joined The Millionaires Academy with Ronne I was looking for freedom from corporate America. I had no idea along the journey I would be brought closer to God. I’ve always believed in God but I never read the bible, I barely talked to him and if I did it was in time of need. Now I talk to him everyday thanking him for everything, asking him to guide me, cover me, bless my business and to do the same for my family and friends. I’ve also met some amazing like minded women who have become real friends. Friends that pray for you, motivate you and push you because being an entrepreneur is hard and those that don’t have that entrepreneurial spirit just don’t get why we do it when we can just get a job, show up, and collect a check. Through Ronne’s mentorship you come to realizations about your strengths & weaknesses. And she forces you to deal with your fears that are blocking you from growing a successful business and unlocking the door to that amazing life of freedom that I initially wanted. Since joining into business with Ronne I’ve come to realize yes it’s nice to make money but it feels 10x better to help someone with a issue. Help them feel better about themselves again. And most of all be in a position to FINALLY help someone else make money. My journey is still new but I’m not giving up anytime soon. Ronne has changed my life for the better mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially. You’re Def a Life Changer Ms Ronnessa Brown! Thank You! ” — Summer Terry

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